Aquael Turbo Filter 1500

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UNIQUE FILTRATION QUALITY The biggest advantage of new TURBO filters is their unique filtration quality. Each TURBO filter is equipped with the container suitable for any loose filtration medium and thick foam with the carefully selected properties ensuring the efficient mechanical filtration and – at the same time – not requiring too often cleaning. The containers are initially filled with ceramic cartridge BIOCERAMAX 600 providing the perfect substrate for nitrifying bacteria removing the ammonia and nitrites from the water. The novelty is the possibility of connecting the containers in series – after purchasing the additional modules this way the volume of filtration media can be easily enlarged adjusting the filtration efficiency to the needs of bigger or densely planted tank. All TURBO filters are equipped with stepless efficiency regulation system of the water current in form of ergonomic knob installed on the filters output. 1920906 TURBO FILTER 1500 AQUAEL CODE ALF CODE DESCRIPTION 109732 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY REGULATOR 101300 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY VENTURI AIR INTAKE 100647 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY FLOW DEFLECTOR 109726 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ROTOR SET 109730 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ROTOR CHAMBER 101103 195913 INTAKE STRAINER UNIV 109737 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY TURBO SPONGE 109735 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY MEDIA CHAMBER 100744 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY HANGER WITH AERATION 100809 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY AIR REGULATOR 110161 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY 4PCS SUCKER 100057 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY SUCTION BRACKET 101425 194864 SHAFT COMPLETE 100366 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY CONNECTING PIPE

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