Aquael Sphere 37cm 25L

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Spherical aquarium tanks are an important part of aquarist history and are still a favorite among many hobbyists. AQUAEL is happy to present a new line of SPHERE sets equipped with energy saving LED lighting. SPHERE sets consist of a classic spherical tank and a durable injection technology cover. The cover is fitted with an efficient overflow filter equipped with two filtering baskets. It ensures effective filtration. The cover also has an automatic heater and modern LEDDY TUBE SUNNY light module which provides strong lighting while using little energy. It is also possible to replace it with a LEDDY TUBE PLANT module, especially well suited for aquarium plant life.

SPHERE sets are recommended especially for growing water plants as well as raising shrimp, crayfish, snails and other invertebrate aquarium species. They are an easy to maintain decorative piece suitable for any living or office space.

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Filtration built in cover with circultator 350 l/h
glass heater AQn gold 25w
lighting module LED 1x 3w