Aquael Reefmaster Aquarium 60 Black

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Complete set for setting up a marine reef aquarium. Ideal for setting up a coral reef and for keeping smaller fish and marine invertebrates. ideal for setting up a nano reef provides excellent conditions for corals crustacea and small fish exceptionally strong lighting 3 x 24W T5 plus a LED time controller of the lighting protective screen protecting the water from overheating fan system channelling excess heat programmer of desired temperature filtration panel concealed behind the background efficient protein skimmer comfort zone heater ideal as the first marine aquariumReef Maste Cabinet Black 1911573Aquael ReefMas Cartridge Pk2 1911575Aquael ReefMas Bioballs 1911577Reef Circulator 2600 pump 192020Aquael PS300 Skimmer 300 191709The cabinet for this aquarium is sold as a separate item

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