Aquael Pat Mini Internal Filter

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PAT MINI is a miniature internal filter designed to be installed in small and mid-sized aquariums. The device consists of a miniature head and carefully selected filtration sponge. Thanks to implementation of innovative construction solutions the head offers maximum output capacity of as much as 400 l/h that is equal to a typical mid-sized turbine aquarium filter. All of that with power consumption no higher than 4W. In effect PAT MINI provides efficient filtration even in 120 liter tank. However wouldnt it create an excessive whirlpool in a much smaller tank No worries as an output regulator is located on the front side of the head that allows to adjust the output to suit any aquarium. The filter is also equipped with a directional tip that allows limiting the water current by e.g. directing it to the tank wall. It is equipped with aeration tube connected to the output nozzle that allows for effective and efficient aeration of water in the tank. The sponge that is a part of the PAT MINI filter has relatively small pores and provides efficient mechanical filtration in the aquarium by removing even the tiniest visible impurities from the water. At the same time it is an ideal basis to be colonized by beneficial strains of nitrifying bacteria that oxidize ammonia and nitrates that are toxic for fish. The maintenance of the sponge is very simple and takes as little as several dozen seconds. By performing the maintenance the user ensures the continuity of filter operation and guarantees crystal clear and toxin free water for the aquarium inhabitants to swim in. Installation of the device is very simple thanks to a bracket equipped with strong suction cups that additionally has a functional hanger allowing to mount the filter on the edge of aquarium wall. 192095 Pat Mini Filter AQUAEL CODE ALF CODE DESCRIPTION 101479 special order Rota 103144 special order pump 100491 194849 suckers 100809 special order air regulator 100744 special order hanger 100873 194856 sponge 101103 195913 intake strainer

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