Aquael Oxyboost 150 Plus

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The OXYBOOST PLUS line of aerators includes four models: AP 100 PLUS APR 150 PLUS AP 200 PLUS and APR 300 PLUS. The numbers correspond to the maximum performance of the respective device expressed as liters of air that can be pumped through it in one hour. The 100 and 150 models have one outlet and the 200 and 300 models have two outlets. The APR models provide for smooth performance adjustment by means of a handy dial located in the upper part of the device body.The body of the new aerator is characterized by sleek black-and-white design. Thanks to the rounded disk-like shape the device is easy to keep clean.The OXYBOOST PLUS aerators are manufactured with great care using modern production technologies. It is worth emphasising that unlike most membrane aerators on the market they are produced in the European Union since the entire production cycle is carried out at the AQUAEL factory in the Polish town of Suwalki. This means that accessories like membranes or piston units are always in stock.Despite their high performance the OXYBOOST PLUS membrane pumps consume little power 2.2-2.5 W. They are ideally suited for continuous operation as aerating devices we recommend to use them together with the AQUAEL AIR LIGHTS illuminated nozzles for an outstanding ornamental effect or as the drives of conventional sponge filters and undergravel filters. You can even use them in marine aquariums as the drives of simple tube skimmers.

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