Aquael Nano Reef 30 White

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This aquariums compact design is perfect to fit in the smallest of spaces and yet still have a massive impact.All you need in order to set up an AQUAEL NANOREEF aquarium is a small piece of live rock some coral sand and properly prepared salt water. Aquariums based on this set are ideally suited for keeping small corals and crabs dwarf shrimps and even the smallest of marine fish. They require little maintenance: regular cleaning and water changes will suffice. They constitute a perfect and inexpensive solution for the fans of marine aquariums.Dimensions- 30x30x35 cmReplacement filter 1921503 – AQUAEL VERSAMAX FZN-2 EXT FILTRReplacement filter media codes 1921508 1921509 1921510 Replacement light unit 191534 – DECOLIGHT DUO 2x11w MARINE BLCK Replacement blue bulb 1911529 – AQUAEL NANO REEF LAMP 11w BLUE Replacement white bulb 1911528 – AQUAEL NANO REEF LAMP 11w WHITE

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