Aquael Multikani Ex Stack Filter

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MULTIKANI is the first on the market extensible canister filter. Beginning aquaristics enthusiast usually buys relatively small aquarium and after being bitten by the aquarium bug realizes that the tanks size is too small for his/her needs and ambitions. Then a new bigger aquarium is bought and later with rising enthusiasm and possibilities even bigger and bigger With purchase of each one more impressive tank its owner unfortunately is faced with the necessity of completing new equipment including above all filter. Since those devices are dedicated for specific aquarium size and until now it was not possible to adapt them to the needs of bigger aquarium. But now it is finally possible AQUAEL MULTIKANI filter has just appeared on the market the first filter in the world bespoke to the needs of each aquarist and every tank. 1921251 MULTIKANI 800 FILTER AQUAEL CODE ALF CODE DESCRIPTION 105890 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY CLAMP NUT 110411 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ENGINE 100491 194849 4PCS SUCKER 110911 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ROTOR 105901 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ROTOR CHAMBER COVER 101103 195913 INTAKE STRAINER 105884 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ELASTIC HOSES 2X12M 110414 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY CONTROL ASSEMBLY 110413 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY COMPLETE COVER 110526 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY SPONGE HD 110527 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY SPONGE LD 110418 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY KEY LOCKING 110416 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY CONTAINER 110417 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY GASKETS SET 105881 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY OVERFLOW PIPE ASSEMBLY 105941 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ELBOW 100129 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY FLOW DEFLECTOR

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