Aquael Midikani 800 Filter

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We inform you that AQUAEL offer has been enlarged with a new canister filter MIDIKANI 800 designed for aquaria of capacity of circa 250l. It combines all the advantages of the classic canister filters great efficiency big capacity of filtration media versatility precision of workmanship and easy installation. For MIDIKANI 800 filter the AQUAEL constructors have used the solution already proven in case of the smaller filters MINIKANI 80 and 120. Miniaturized pump is located outside the filter and is designed to pump the water directly into its chamber. Thanks to that many construction elements unnecessarily obstructing the installation of the device were simply eliminated. Therefore MIDIKANI 800 consists of only few basic parts: pump set of connecting tubes and hoses and air-tight container with valves and baskets filled with filtration cartridges. It is designed for tanks of capacity of up to 250 l. 1921294 MIDIKANI 800 FILTER AQUAEL CODE ALF CODE DESCRIPTION 110920 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY CONTROL ASSEMBLY 110913 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY COMPLETE COVER 110611 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY GASKETS SET 110919 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY MEDIA CONTAINER 100416 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY HANDLE COMPLETE LARGE 110918 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY CONTAINER 105890 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY CLAMP NUT 100491 194849 4PCS SUCKER 110411 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ENGINE MK 800 110911 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ROTOR 105901 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ROTOR CHAMBER COVER 101103 195913 INTAKE STRAINER 105881 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY OVERFLOW PIPE ASSEMBLY 105884 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ELASTIC HOSES 2X12M 105941 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ELBOW 100129 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY FLOW DEFLECTOR 103728 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY SPONGE

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