Aquael Internal Uv Filter 1000

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Ideal water cleaners circulators and oxygenators. the horizontal impellor shaft means you can clean it without taking the filter apart. It fits both aquariums and terrariums as the filter can operate when it is horizontal. The filter has a bio filtration chamber with ceramic media and 2 seperate sponge filtration cartridges. 1000L/H Spare Bulb 192086 192084 internal 1000uv AQUAEL CODE ALF CODE DESCRIPTION 103121 special order motor 101300 special order venturi intake 100647 special order flow deflector 101075 special order rotor 101076 194902 bio container 100937 special order inlet tube 100760 1948472 filter cartridge 100698 special order filter case 100744 special order hanger and air valve 100809 special order air regulator 100492 194862 suckers 100057 special order suction bracket 107401 192086 uniuv power

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