Aquael Aquajet Pfn 15000 Plus

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Energy-saving high efficiency garden pond pumps equipped with a modern highly efficient and reliable motor. Thanks to it they consume circa 37 less energy than standard pumps of a similar efficiency which allows to save users money and to protect the environment. Another huge advantage of the new pumps is a stepless regulation knob placed Important Novelty on the market outside of the water on the power cord. It allows for a trouble-free adjustment of the device efficiency to the needs of the user without the necessity of putting hands in the water. The other chief assets of the new pumps are the long and comfortable 10 m power cord large intake strainer which is a perfect pre-filter shielding the pomp mechanism from the impurities particularly quiet operation achieved thanks to the ceramic shaft of the impeller and a mechanism protecting the pump against overheating. The new AQUAJET PFN PLUS pumps are available in four models: 10000 15000 20000 and 25000. The numbers indicate the output per hour expressed in litres of pumped water. In regards to the maximum head it is respectively: 5 m 6 m 65 m and 7 m. Therefore they are perfectly suitable as a drive for large filters high cascades and waterfalls broad streams and to create exceptionally decorative fountain effects in medium and large size garden ponds. modern asynchronous engine quiet operation and highest efficiency ceramic shaft providing the highest durability threaded intake and outlet large surface pre-fi lter allows for less often maintenance thermal switch protection 10 meter power cord 193036 PFN Fountain 15000 AQUAEL CODE ALF CODE DESCRIPTION 200228 special order rotor 102097 special order eng OSMJ Buy 6 mixed get 5 193004 193012 193006 193018 193007 193021 193008 193024 193009 193030 1930081 193036 1930083 193039 1930085 193042

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